Wednesday, January 2, 2008

out with the old

2007 was a good year. Oh, we had our share of, uhm, shall we say, "moments" but they were just that. Moments in time. And in all things there is a silver lining. Here's my top list of silver linings.

  1. I started blogging! I have to admit, it's not as easy as it appears. It takes more time than I care to spend on it most days, thinking of something to write about, finding pictures (or taking pictures) to go with it. I commend all of you faithful bloggers. No matter how busy your lives are, you post. Once you get hooked on blogging, you get sucked in to other's lives. It's nice to know that if I go to my favorite sites, there will be a new blog most days. Not the case with me; I may not write for a month's time! I don't blame any friends for sticking around if I can't write a new blog most days of the week. But the silver lining is, they do. Out of the blue, I'll get a post from a long-time reader asking how I'm doing and if I'm okay. So I know I've affected others "out there" with my life as well and I hope that's a good thing.

  2. Brianna.... My husband's 17 year old daughter was still living with us. Wreaking havoc in our lives. Sucking the life out of us. Lying. Stealing. As I'm writing this, I'm thinking there's no way there's a silver lining in this so I will stop and think for a moment, to reflect back and maybe get a different perspective..... (This is me, thinking: Mike got divorced when his kids were just young; 3 and 5 I think. They grew up with the belief that their dad abandoned me. That's a harsh word for such young ones to use.... so you know where it came from. A bitter and revengeful ex-wife can do horrible damage; and she did. It's true Mike left his family behind and moved to Alaska and it's true he found a new family here. But if there was ever a man who loved his own children and who tried so desperately to stay in their lives and to blend families, it was Mike. He was relentless in staying in contact with phone call after phone call, care packages, cards, airline tickets, but there's only so much you can do if you're ex refuses to let you have any contact with your kids. So Bryson and Brianna grew up thinking and believing their dad abandoned them. Now 14 years later, Brianna is forced to come here to live because she has gotten out of control. She hates me because I'm the other woman. She hates her dad for abandoning them. Let's see. Silver lining.... Silver lining.... I could make excuses for Brianna. That her mother is verbally abusive. That maybe Mike should have been there for more important events in their lives. But it's hard to be there when you don't know there's an event.... Silver lining.... Silver lining.... During the year she lived with us, we tried to be kind, considerate, loving, and respectful towards Brianna. Regardless of her behavior, Mike would remain calm and respectful. It was clear this was not parenting that Brianna was familiar with. She came from a loud home where drinking, yelling, screaming, and fighting were the norm. This we learned after she came to live with us. Silver lining. Silver lining. Maybe if we just keep it up; keep treating her with love, kindness, and respect that maybe, just maybe, she'll take something away with her; and when the time is right, remember back when she lived a different, a better life, for a year's time. That there is a better way to live.... Silver lining... Silver lining.... End of me thinking.) Brianna called her dad a few days before Christmas. He said it sounded like she was a different person. She had moved far away from her mom and even apologized for her horrible behavior while living here. She even wanted to speak to me, to apologize. I'm not certain I'm ready for that, just yet. I would need to know that it was sincere, that she has truly changed for the better. And that would be proven by on-going actions towards her dad and I. But the silver lining is hope.... Hope that my husband will, one day, have the relationship he so desperately wants and deserves with his children.

  3. I returned to work. I love being retired but actually love going to work more. I can honestly say I miss not working this winter and can hardly wait for spring to get here so I can return to the nursery. But when my kids found out they were pregnant and asked if I would babysit for them, I was taken back a little. (Okay, I was probably just really scared about being responsible for babies after all these years.) I love working! I want to work! How could I give up doing something I love to do to babysit? The silver lining? Now that I've held my precious little grandson in my arms, I know that babysitting will come first. Oh, I'll figure out a schedule where I can do both, but babysitting will definitely come first.

  4. Hunter James.... I became a grandma! I have to admit, up front, that I never quite understood what all the "to do" was about being a grandma. I really didn't know. I had no clue..... But then Hunter James was born and I held him.... and now I know. The problem is time. I don't get enough Hunter time. There's two other sets of grandparents that also need time with Hunter--my ex-husband and his wife and Michelle's parents and all her family. Granted I deserve more time because, well, because I just do! But I reluctantly smile and wave the kids off as they head out, taking Hunter with them, to another set of loving arms.... My sister tells me this is just the way it's going to be. That I need to get used to the mother's family getting more time because that's just how it goes. The silver lining? This morning my daughter Tracy and Adam find out the sex of their baby. And if what my sister tells me is true (about the mother of the mother getting more quality time then the father's mother), then that means I'll get more quality time with my daughter's baby! Course it doesn't hurt that Adam's parents live down south! This is all said in fun and I hold no grudges against any other grandparents. Really.... ;)

As good as 2007 was, I just know 2008 is going to bring good things, good friends, good moments in time. I hope you're along for the ride.


tracy said...

glad you're back to blogging again :)

Connie said...

Oh! Congratulations on becoming a grandmother! It is one of life's grandest adventures!
I have been so busy with family over the holidays, I am just now getting catching up on my blog rounds. Also just returned from a trip on Amtrak to see my Dad, who is 85 and still lives on his farm in North Dakota.
~Blessings to you in 20008!!