Sunday, December 9, 2007

being a parent

Do you remember how you felt the moment you carried your new born into their new home? Or the moment you put them down to sleep for the first time in their bassinet? Or the first time you had to wake up in the middle of the night to feed them? We think we'll remember these moments and the feelings generated for a lifetime, but we don't always. As the years pass, so does our memory. I wish I could remember the exact moment I brought my daughter home, but sadly, I don't.

As our children grow, they say their first word and take their first step. We don't write these most important dates down because we're certain we'll remember this moment for a life time. How could we not?! But we don't. We grow older and our memories fade....

I wish I could have been a little bug inside my son's home last night as they returned home with their new little bundle. Who carried Hunter inside? Where did they first set him? How did Kona (their dog) react? Did he cry? Did he look in awe at his new home? Was he warm enough? Did they pick up on the sign that he was hungry? I know they all laid down to nap, but who woke up first to the sound of a crying baby? And how long did it take before they realized it was their baby making that noise?

Today is a brand new day. The first day of the rest of their lives. The kids are back home, with their new little baby. All on their own. It's no longer just about themselves. They are now responsible for a new life, one that is totally dependent upon them. For every, single basic need.

I hope the kids are never too proud to ask for advice or help. I hope they know that there's no such thing as being a perfect parent; we all made mistakes. I hope they understand that their most important role as parents is to provide love and a safe home and environment. I know, without a doubt, that both kids will be great parents. You could just see the love oozing out of them. And watching Michelle hold little Hunter, you'd think she had been practicing that moment all of her life. It came so natural for her and she didn't appear nervous or apprehensive at all.

I'd like to introduce you to Hunter James. Isn't he beautiful? I can hardly wait for the moment I get to see him next. Maybe this afternoon? Maybe tomorrow? We visited at the hospital for a short bit yesterday and I took the plunge and held him for a few minutes. Yes, I was nervous! What if I forgot how to do it? It's been 24 years after all! Or what if I dropped him? But once I had him in my arms, I really didn't want to give him back. I just wanted to sneak off to a corner somewhere and cuddle him and tell him all about myself and all the good things we had in store for him. The special cookies that will always be waiting for him, the treasure hunts we will go on, the baking we will do, the bugs we will catch. I just look at his little face and my heart melts.

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Jerusalem said...

he looks like Bucky! Oh I am so teary now... I still remember a lot of those things... better go write them down before I forget. What a blessed little Hunter is to have you all!