Tuesday, April 24, 2007

a perfect job

Today I return to work.... but this won't be anything like the job I worked at for 30 years.... this is a dangerous kind of job.... a plant nursery! I've worked there before, when I was younger, but think I still have what it takes to put in a few hours a week. The dangerous part is.... I love to garden. I love to landscape; I love to add new plants to my existing gardens; I love to give plants away; I love to replace plants that aren't doing so well; I love to try something new; I love to garden! And now I can get my fingers dirty to my heart's content all day long.... or at least until our yard becomes a snow-free zone and I'm able to do some real work here.

I spent all day Sunday looking for a giant-size can of Snow Be Gone but none was to be found. I suspect all the people with a snow-free zone have already bought it all.... :) So we had to revert to getting rid of snow the old fashioned way.... Shoveling it onto the driveway, spreading it out, stomping on it, anything to help it melt! My sister had to laugh that all winter we worked endlessly to remove the snow from our driveway.... now we were shoveling it back on!

Yes, we have started shoveling the snow back on to the driveway where it is a little warmer and melts more quickly. We're just helping Mother Nature along. The raised beds will become snow-free sooner, the soil warmed up sooner, and the potatoes planted on time.... maybe.

Have a sunshiny day!


Jerusalem said...

Oh I don't envy any of the shoveling - on or off the driveway! But I do wish I was there to take advantage of your green thumb... My yard is huge and naked -except for weeds and trees. It would probably make you cry because it is so neglected.

Nancy said...

Bucky has told Mike that I'm not going to make any money.... and already today, $18 worth of pansies came home....