Wednesday, April 25, 2007

ruffled feathers

THIS is why I'm not going to bring home a paycheck.... $27 worth of pansies.... But in my defense, isn't it just cute as can be? It's a ruffled pansy. Our nursery only gets three flats a year and they go in days. They're from Japan or China, can't recall. But they're just as precious as can be.

We're still in the "cold weather" stage and can't plant much more than pansies, primroses, and anemones outside right now. But I'm making my list and when the time is right....

Gardening is extremely expensive in Juneau. This pansy came in a pak of six small plants. I bought three containers and it came to $27. But in Juneau ya do what ya have to do.... ya bite the bullet.... ya turn the other eye.... You do what you have to do to have that splash of color in what can be an otherwise dark and dreary day.

Hope your day was sunshiny!

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