Thursday, April 12, 2007

pieces of the puzzle

Life is full of challenges.... I never promised you a rose garden.... Take time to smell the flowers.... I've said them all over the years. Life can suck; there's no doubt about it. But as you get older I think it's easier to find the silver lining in things.... the good.... the positive.... a reason to help you accept what's going on in your life. "Every cloud has a silver lining" is one of my favorite sayings now and what I wanted to name my blog. But since it wasn't available, I had to go with Plan B. Plan B came to me recently when I was being reclusive sitting in my pretty little blue recliner that had been placed in my bedroom. Life had been particularly difficult recently and I needed a place to decompress. So we bought a tiny recliner and my daughter, Tracy, made me a darling journal to write my thoughts in. It was during one of my writing sessions that it came to me. Life is nothing more than a jigsaw puzzle.... If we're lucky, it'll have 1,000 pieces to it and piece by piece, year by year, the pieces of the puzzle will be put in place. The border pieces are our values, or strengths, our beliefs. These are the pieces that identify us. The pieces within the border are life's adventures; our struggles; our strengths; our challenges; our regrets; our loves; our dislikes. The pieces are life. So, welcome to my life!

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tracy said...

I love your post & will work on putting my puzzle together!