Saturday, July 28, 2007

a blog is a blog

An interesting aspect about blogland is you can be whoever you want and no one would know the difference. But are we being true to ourselves and true to our readers in portraying ourselves? Are we showing our readers the person we want to be or our true selves?

I've got a new favorite blog--Equus Villa. Julie had an interesting blog the other day and has challenged other bloggers to (1) tell each other what we love to see on a blog and (2) to write more about ourselves. And the comments she received from readers were great as well. I think both are great ideas and plan on doing that. So here goes....

About me
. Julie thinks it's odd if we don't post photos of ourselves. This is really stepping out on a limb for me because I do not have my picture taken. I hate pictures of myself. I do not take good pictures. I try to avoid having my picture taken at all times. In fact, I'm the one WITH the camera to ensure my picture is not taken! But here goes.... This one's for you, Julie!

My picture.
A self-portrait.... because I don't have any pictures of myself!

More about me. I'm 55 years old and retired from the State of Alaska for almost two years now. Retirement is good, now.... but two years ago it wasn't. It was a mental problem for me. I was 53 years old and had worked for the same department for 30 years... in the same building... with the same people.... When I walked out the doors for the last time, it was worse than getting a divorce. For the next several months I didn't know what to do with myself. I was lost. I was depressed. My routine was gone and I hadn't replaced it with anything new yet. And if you're a structured person, routine is important! So I did the only natural and normal thing.... I returned to work! That lasted all of three months but it was an important three months because I got my head straight on what I wanted to do with my life. And work was not it! I came to the conclusion that, yes, I was young, but not too young to be retired.

If you're getting ready to retire, my advice to you is to listen to your own heart. I had so much good advice from people on how retirement should work, and I tried to live my retirement their way, and it just didn't work. It made me miserable. But as soon as I developed a new routine, for me, that worked, for me, life was good.

My daily agenda. So what do I do all day? Here's how most days fold out:
  1. Wake up anywhere after 4:00 a.m.; get up somewhere between 5:00 a.m. and 5:30 a.m.

  2. Grab a cup of coffee.

  3. Turn the computer on; read email, visit blogs. (Hope I beat my sister to that first email of the day!)

  4. Take Sadie for a ride. This is most important because in the short time we've had her, she's figured out our routine and makes sure we keep on it! If we try to deviate from the routine -- like not take a shower or not take her for her ride, she bites my butt! She just keeps nibbling at it until I do what she wants. This is most annoying because I can't get her to stop. If I use my arms to push her away, she grabs my shirt sleeve or nibbles on my hand to guide me. She can be a royal pain in the butt some times. But a funny one.

  5. Run errands to Home Depot, Fred Meyer, etc.

  6. Sweep up dog hair....

  7. Play with Sadie.

  8. Go for a ride. Look for deer. Enjoy the view.

  9. Give Sadie treats.

  10. Work outside in the yard or clean house or just sit and read.

  11. Throw the ball for Sadie.

  12. Give Sadie more treats.

  13. Go to bed at 9:00 p.mish.

Do you see a theme here? Sadie.... she's the center of our world most days. That's how she wants it, and that's how it is!

My puppy dog. This is Sadie; she's a pound puppy. We found her last October and have loved her to pieces. She has issues, some she may never outgrow. But we continue working with her every day, loving her more for the issues she has to overcome. It would appear she was badly abused.... But she's a happy dog and always has a smile on her face. She wants nothing more than to chase after a ball and eat treats.

My days are actually quite full. I'm not out saving the world or doing much volunteer work right now, but one day. For now I work part-time at a landscape nursery. I use the word "work" loosely, as this is where I go to have fun, get my fingernails dirty.

My hubby. Is it weird that I put our dog first in my profile? Before my husband???? Oops.... Mike would understand and most likely do the same! We've been married 12 years and they've been the best 12 years of my life. He is my soul mate, my best friend, my lover, my partner. We talk, laugh together, support each other unconditionally. I love spending time with my husband, especially if I can beat him at Mexican dominoes!

Are you bored yet? This is why I don't put more "about me" on my blog because I don't want it to be boring.

I will say one more thing today. I have two children, from my previous marriage of 22 years. Tracy (32) and Bucky (23). They are the best kids a mother could ever hope for. Great kids. Wonderful kids! Kind, compassionate, creative, caring, ambitious kids. They love family, love their spouses/significant other. And, they love me.... :)

I hope you enjoyed this post today. Maybe tomorrow I'll continue on this avenue until I have no more readership! Seriously, though, my life is very simple. I enjoy the simple things in life--the little bird, the flowers, family time. I'm not a complicated person and what you see is generally what you get. I would do anything for my family, my friends, or my neighbors. With that said, I'm going to make my sweetie pancakes for breakfast and get my day going!


tracy said...

good job posting a photo of yourself! I'm very proud of you :)

Julie said...

I am SOOOOO honored! Thank you and no you are NOT boring. I love your Sadie too. 2 of our cats and 1 dog are pound pups ...and as a matter of fact - that is a nickname I gave myself years ago because I was adopted!