Tuesday, August 24, 2010

day care fun

I have to admit that when we first started babysitting grandbabies over two years ago, I thought we were crazy. Okay, I still do.... but it's getting a little easier. The babysitting part is getting easier. The days are still really really long. But we're having fun with them. Avery (almost 8 months) has just started crawling and, naturally, she navigates to the opposite side of the room that her toys are on.... And thank goodness for hardwood floors.... I can't even imagine throw up on carpet....

And Hunter and Ellis are just adorable. There's no getting around it. Hunter is the focused one, loves to play with Legos and can put a 60-piece puzzle together as good as Grandpa. Ellis, would prefer to sit and have a conversation. Which we do. Then we laugh. So, yea, it's getting easier in the sense that we can now have conversations with them, reason with them (or sometimes beg with them), play with them, and laugh with them. And laugh we do.

Like today, Ellis (almost 2 years 4 months) was spinning and spinning around, going, "grandpa, I make you dizzy!" But, of course she is! Then, for no good reason, other than she was spinning, she goes, "put your seatbelts on!" Huh? Okay.... Then there was something about Disneyland.... Maybe she's starting to plant the seed....

Yesterday we strung beads and made a necklace. Ellis, in her grown up little voice goes, "This is so BEEEEUTIFUULLLL!" Yes, it was. Her little fingers worked hard to get those beads on the string.

Today is puzzle day. Well, every day seems to be puzzle day. Now, call me prejudice, but I think it's pretty amazing that Hunter (not even 3 yet) can put together 60-piece puzzles. Just like that. As Ellis will say, as she's jumping up and down while clapping her hands: "Hunter is AMAZING!" Yes, he is.

It's especially fun to see how these little people care for each other, take care of each other, and look out for each other. Yea, they pick on each other, and there's the shoving, pinching, and biting. We won't mention any of the other stuff that goes on here.... but it's part of being Two. But in the end, when they put their arms around each other and each say "I'm sorry.....", it's just about the two nicest words in the dictionary.

Later, Nancy

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