Monday, August 23, 2010


I've never been one to exercise.... it's shameful, I know.... and it's even harder to admit to people. But it is what it is. I blame my parents! I like to walk and stroll and garden, but I don't "exercise." Until recently. I've gone two whole weeks of walking every day. I'm so proud of myself. Okay, so it's only around the block, but it's a BIG block and it takes about 15 minutes of power walking. But this morning, I was still in bed when my neighbor/friend/walking partner stopped to wait for me. Still in bed! On a babysitting day! Crap.

It DOES upset me. See, I'm one of those people that will find any reason not to do this.... Oh, I don't mind walking, but to do it for exercise.... nahhhh.... and once I find one excuse not to do it, there will be another and another.

So, today, as soon as I'm awake, I'll have to walk around the block on my own. In the rain. By myself... I can't let this beat me. Please please help me stay on track. Send me an email, a comment on my blog, write on my facebook account, anything to keep me on track.

Later.... Nancy

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