Wednesday, August 25, 2010

banana pancakes

There's a song by Jack Johnson... Banana Pancakes. He's singing along and then there's a little snippet where he says eating banana pancakes. Maybe he's making banana pancakes. I don't know. I love to sing and am not afraid to put my own words to songs....

This morning we're having banana pancakes for breakfast. My new most favorite breakfast! I'm sure there's real recipes, but I just smash a banana or two into my Krustez batter and call it good.

You can eat them smeared with peanut butter (like my husband does), with syrup, or just plain. I like to eat them plain, as they're just that good.

Every time I make them, and eat them, makes me think of being in Hawaii....
Later.... Nancy

1 comment:

Georgia said...

You can make some when you come down over Labor Day, OK? They sound delicious.