Thursday, April 10, 2008

the cake

I had a vision for this baby shower that included a cake that looked like something out of a magazine. I had the vision! I knew what I wanted! And when I asked my son's siginificant other if she was up to the challenge, she said she was! And she far exceeded my expectations!

Isn't this a gorgeous cake?

It's exactly what I had envisioned. You would never ever have found one in town. Michelle is not a professional baker. She just loves to bake and is so good at it. When she came running into the house, just moments before the shower started, yes, running.... with the cake in her arms...... I thought for sure she was going to trip and drop it.... I quickly took it from her with anticipation in the air. What would it look like???? I swear this cake weighed 10 pounds and was told it took 32 eggs and 16 cubes (yes CUBES, or 4 pounds) of butter. No wonder it tastes so yummy! The house was decorated beautifully, but it was the cake that added that final touch to make it perfect.

The whole dessert table turned out wonderful. The sweet sign was created by Jeanetta at Splendid Designs. And it is sweet!

All the tables had the same centerpiece. The creation of Jerusalem. Cute tower candles with lots of glitter and sparkle; darling little nests; old sheet music and a mirror for a layering look; and a tall baby food jar filled with flowers.

The table cloths were all finished with the corners gathered and tied with a bow. Jerusalem brought a vintage chenile bedspread with her from Arkansas which made a perfect covering for the dessert table. The edges were lined with little pom poms. Can you see them? Very cute.

This is where the guest of honor sat. Presents piled high around her.

And gift opening. Some adorable little boots for all our sloshy weather.

And for me this was the best present of all..... a little, pink tutu! Little Ellis is going to wear it to her first fairy tea party with Grandma!

Okay, so I could go on and on with pictures and stories, but tomorrow's another day. Not another spring day.... but another day. We're still getting snow. But the squirrels are mating so that must mean spring is close by! All our company has returned home....which is a miracle in its own what with all the flight cancellations going on.... and our lives are back to normal. Our phone rang at 6:55 AM this morning and my first thought was BABY!!!! But it was just a friend. All we can do now is sit and wait until Little Ellis decides to make an appearance.

Have a sunshiny day! Nancy


jeanetta said...

oh yay i am so glad that the sign got to be a part of the shower and jsut as a gift.

tracy said...

my shower could not have been more perfect :)

Kathleen Grace said...

It all looks beautiful! That cake is amazing! your decorations, everyting is lovley. I am giving a baby shower for a dear cousin later this summer, I may have to take some inspiration from you:>)