Monday, April 14, 2008


Need I say more....?

This has been the last couple days.... So I don't want to hear about your 85 degree weather!

Snow.... snow..... every day..... more snow.....

Even the ducks are tired of it. This cute couple shows up every year for a slice of bread.
This year they showed up on April 13.

Last year they made their appearance on April 26.

Since I can't work outside yet, the only thing left to do was clean out the freezer from last year's rhubarb and bake bake bake. Two strawberry/rhubarb pies and rhubarb bars.

There is sign of growth outside with the rhubarb's tiny red knobby heads sticking through the ground. It's an ugly sight; spring. But soon things will look better once I can get outside and clean up from the long winter.

Have a great day! Nancy

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Jerusalem said...

We are a blustery 50 degrees here today with lots of wind. They say it could freeze again! What's up with that? I am sooo ready for flip flops!

Yummy, rhubarb pie....