Thursday, March 6, 2008


Yes, spring is on its way. No skunk cabbage showing its bright, yellow head yet, but the Canadian Geese have made their appearance on the Wetlands and I saw one lone Pussy Willow tree in bloom. We've also had a lot of bird activity, including these Redpolls that descended upon Juneau this past week on their way north. Thousands of them! Redpolls aren't native to this area which makes it even more amazing. According to our local paper, it's a bird phenomenon known as an irruption. Thousands of these tiny finches have been cleaning out bird feeders as fast as we can fill them and then they'll move on to the next food source further up north. Way cute!


Diana said...

Hi Nancy, thanks for stopping by. Yep, we're waiting and waiting for Spring too! everyday I look out to see if my crocuses have poked through the snow. not yet! it's nice to meet you!

joey said...

Michigan looks and feels like Alaska! No spring in site since the earth is covered (still snowing) under a foot of snow. Great gift for the 'Great Lakes' and the garden; however, the gardener is a bit weary of shooting indoor 'garden shots'. Hope all is well with you and the hauntingt state I long to visit :)