Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Isn't this a precious vase with the little flower bouquet wrapped in a ribbon? I have two of them. On the bottom it reads Abingdon USA 520. I spent the last couple days looking up some of my vintage heirlooms on the internet to find out more about them, and found this vase selling on eBay. I haven't always cared much for it because of the bright gold trim; it just isn't "me." But it's one of the few heirlooms that I have of my grandma, my dad's mother, so will forever hang on to it. It's about 8" tall.

It's one day closer to spring! Have a great day! Nancy


the feathered nest said...

It's beautiful - it has a lovely shape! If the gold really bothers you you could always paint those handles. You could rub a bit of other color on them to tone down the gold.


ShabbyInTheCity said...

That is a fun and smart thing you are doing! Its funny how the internet has changed the value of certain Hallmark ornaments...they are all over ebay and now not worth as much as they used to be!

Kathleen Grace said...

Your vase looks gorgeous with those tulips inside:>)