Friday, March 7, 2008

little plates

One of my favorite collections is these small little plates. They're just over 3" across. I wish I could remember when I even got them, but I don't. Mostly I'd like to know what they were used for.... I thought maybe tea bags or for mints.... Do you know? The one with blue forget-me-nots is from a demi-size cup and saucer set because it has the indentation in the middle where the cup would set. But the others don't have that indentation and are fairly flat. The only writing on the back is Japan. The rim is raised a tad and gold trimmed.

The cute little pink plate with the rings laying inside is a Limoges; Chefield Haviland Limoges. It's more of a bowl shape so could be for nuts. What do you think?
Have a happy Friday! Nancy

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ShabbyInTheCity said...

Butter pats!!!! You lucky girl. I love that Limoges one! I have 4 old butter pats that don't match that mama just gave me. They are too sweet.