Thursday, November 1, 2007

food for thought

It's been almost a month since I posted.... A lot has happened since then; a lot has passed through my mind. Mostly I've had deep conversations with myself on whether I wanted to continue blogging. I may. I haven't quite decided yet. But if I do, I need to set new guidelines for myself. Here lies the problem....

I was getting so caught up in the lives of all my blogging friends, that I was becoming discontent with my own life. The grass became greener on the other side of blog land. Your lives had so much more value than mine. I was envious of all the thrift store finds and your creativeness. I fell in love with your quaint cottage homes and forgot how much I love my own home. You had the perfect gardens while I became more discontent with mine. Your sunny weather had me yearning for less rain and more sunshine. I was losing myself. And that became a problem. For you see, I love my life. I love my home. And I love my yard. So I had to remove myself. Take time to reflect. Time to appreciate my own life once again. Time to acknowledge that this is where I live and for that reason alone, some things won't ever change.

So here I am.... at peace with myself once again. Loving my home and my mission style furniture and non-cottage life. Maybe one day I will have that cottage home of my dreams but until then, I will be content where I am with what I have. I will limit myself to great thrift finds when I'm on vacation and have the opportunity. I will continue reading your blogs but will keep things in perspective that this is my life and that is your life. Nancy


joey said...

What a lovely post ... enjoy your precious life. I have always dreamed of an Alaskan cruise and there you are, surrounded by the beauty every day.

Jerusalem said...

That is so beautiful! And I think we all have to struggle with that as we roam around Blogland. Sometimes I see people with ton of kids and successful design business and they weigh a whopping 110 lbs and I get all frustrated with my small business, 2 kids and NOT 110 lbs. But then I look around and remember that I love my life, that it is what I have created out of what I love most. Even my excess weight came from eating too much good food : ) So really, my life is good. Thanks for reminding us that the grass isn't greener - just different!