Friday, October 5, 2007

Trading Spaces

I'd like to say I was one of those people who never watch tv. But I'm not. And I do. And I love my special programs! All the new season premiers are on and I'm ready to settle in for the winter. I love Dancing With the Stars, ER, and, sadly, The Bachelor.

I used to be addicted to watching Trading Spaces every Friday night. Okay, Tye.... But then they got rid of whats-her-name and changed the whole theme of the show and I stopped watching it.

Guess what? It's coming back! And one of their new carpenters just happens to be from Juneau! Chad Mills; check out his profile. As I was watching the video, his mother came on and I know her! What a small town.

Have a great day!


Shelby said...

I watch that show now and then..

Julie said...

I am back to blogging and would love it if you could stop by and vote on something I am trying to make a decision about. Thanks!

Connie said...

Hi Nancy,
Have missed your posts....are you hibernating for the winter? Just kidding. :-)