Saturday, June 9, 2007

I could do that!

Thought I better get a post done today before everyone forgets about me! Work and yard work have kept me busy. But this morning I'm going thrifting!! It's a beautiful, gorgeous sunny morning and there's going to be a sale just across the street. This is their second sale this summer. I found this old dresser at their first one. Don't you love it?! I think Tracy wants it.... but for now it's mine. Look at all these drawers. I don't know what I'll use it for, but right now I have my vintage hankies and linens, CDs, printer toner, AND a Costco size bag of peanuts for my blue jays! I haven't decided whether I will repaint it or not either. But it has rollers for it's legs and the handles look like they came from a file cabinet--where you put the label for what's inside. I got it for $20. Mark said he thought the owner would take less.... but I'm not so good at haggling.... so just paid full price for it. For now it's just a catch all for some books.

I see bunk beds in Mark's driveway.... but it's probably too early to think a nursery room for my grandchild! Besides, look at this sweet girlie room I found at All Things Domestic. Don't you love it?! Course chances are real good that my grandbaby will be a boy, so I'll have to find something equally as enchanting if that's the case. And this bed is for an older girl.... so I still need to find something for the early years. But I just loved this room the minute I saw it. So sweet! As a young girl, a canopy bed was always my dream.... never got it but did have the white furniture like you see here. Check out All Things Domestic for other girlie rooms! But this is a room I could do....

I still love Cherry Hill Cottage for decorating and creating new things out of old things. I could easily move right into her home and live contentedly for ever after. Her home is my home. And her ideas are so simple, even I could do them! In fact, I have a whole list of projects to do--like paint an ugly old gold toned chandelier, white. I had a fundraiser garage sale a few years ago for a co-worker who had cancer. Everyone brought their thrift items.... but forgot to take those back that didn't sell.... So I had this ugly old chandelier and knew it wasn't something our thrift store would want, so hung it over our dining table on the deck. It's been waiting to get painted for years now.... Not a difficult task to do.... just need the motivation. But painting old silver trays white.... adding teacups to chandeliers.... framing fabric.... I could do any of this....

And look at this clever idea for chairs--shawls draped over them. I could do that! Especially since I don't sew, this would be really easy for me to pull off.... I just need some shawls... I could do this!
Every day I get more amazed at all the creative people "out there." Taking simple items and creating something new. Creating new items--like the crocheted cupcakes! I just think they're so adorable. Who comes up with these ideas?

One of these days I'll buy a beginner's sewing machine; nothing complicated or advanced for me! I'll get all my crafts organized. I'll sort through my folders and lists for projects to do. And I'll amaze you all!

Until then.... you'll have to put up with my gardening creations. Have a great Saturday!


ShabbyInTheCity said...

Oh that bedroom is so pretty! That is a new website for me too...thanks!

the feathered nest said...

I really like that shawl idea too. I thought that I might do it with some summer bathing suit wraps I bought a while ago - there like saris(is that how you spell it?).

Love that cabinet! I really could use something with all those drawers. Thanks for the link - it's new to me as well


Jess said...

That dresser is gorgeous - what a find, and for only $20! I can't haggle either, but I'd say you got a great bargain.

Connie said...

I love thrifting and yard sale-ing as well...most of my favorite things in my home and garden came from these sources.