Sunday, June 10, 2007

believe it or not

Yesterday was somewhat of a weird day. I saw two things I never thought I'd see in my life.

Sighting One: Mike and I were driving home from doing errands. As we drove past the pond just up the road, we saw an eagle. He was dive bombing a duck! It flew INTO the water; it was actually laying IN the water! It came up with the duck in its claws but dropped it! It dove BACK into the water to try again! It was struggling and struggling, flying just on top of the water, dive bombing to get its prey..... then we drove out of sight.... I told Mike I wish I had had my camera with me, but he reminded me that this really is not something I would get any enjoyment out of seeing. But from a distant, where things weren't too focused and clear.... just enough that we knew what was happening.... I feel badly for the ducks here; especially baby ducks as they don't have a chance with the eagles. What are the chances of seeing something like that?

Sighting Two: Bucky and Michelle went away for the night, up Taku River and spent the night in their dad's cabin. Kona, their dog, had a sleepover with us. Sadie loves loves loves Kona and follows her around endlessly. She's her hero! And she loves Bucky too. When Bucky comes to visit, he's always trying to stretch Sadie to learn something new, to not be so afraid of life. Remember, she was a pound puppy and came to us afraid of her own shadow. She had been badly abused and neglected something horribly. Last time Bucky was here, he taught Sadie how to jump into the bed of our truck. Not a difficult task for most dogs, but for someone who's afraid of life....this is a big deal. We were standing around the cars talking, when out of the blue, here comes Sadie running and smiling.... and jumps UP, ONTO the BACK of Bucky's Cavalier car!!! I think she thought she was showing off for him, jumping into the truck, saying, "see, I can do it! I'm not afraid!" We couldn't believe what we saw and laughed so hard. It would have won us $10,000 at AFHV for sure!

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Sadie Olive said...

Thanks for adding my store to your list of sites. :) Sadie is adorable. I just love labs. And that duck site would have broke my heart.

We have a pair of ducks that fly around our house, and the other day someone ran over one and killed it. It's mate just stood in the street not knowing what to do. It was so sad! I tried to get it to fly away, but you could see how confused it was. Broke my heart.