Friday, May 18, 2007

simple pleasures

Some of life's greatest treasures are simple things. Take my latest purchases.

Meet Frazzle the Bluebird. Isn't he so so cute! Course Frazzle was his given name.... his new name is Rigby. Rigby Miles when I'm mad at him but I don't expect to use his middle name often. He's just so darn cute, I can't imagine him doing anything wrong! He arrived today, tired from the long flight... and a little sad having to leave his family behind. But what a trooper! He has a wonderful window to look out and I'm sure my Jays won't mind.... For only $10 you could adopt one of Frazzle's family members at the Splendid Designs shop.

Also arriving today from Splendid Designs, was this adorable crocheted cupcake and pin cushion. I apologize for the not-so-good photos.... they certainly don't do them justice and I'm just too tired to try to get a better shot. You can always go to Splendid Designs to check them out. They're just so cute and I am so glad I purchased them. I love creative people who love to share their creativeness with others!

Frannie is my vintage kitty I got from e-Bay! Okay, here's the scoop. I've never ever bid on anything on e-Bay. In fact, I've never actually spent anytime on e-Bay. But one night I was bored... doing on-line shopping.... and found this adorable little vintage chenille kitty pillow. My first thought was Tracy.... She would absolutely love it.... but it's just too cute to give away, just yet... Keep in mind this was just a test and I never had any intention of bidding to win. As I plugged through all the do's and don'ts of bidding, I decided I would just put $5.00 as the highest I would go on this item. Someone had already bid $3.00 and I figured it would eventually go for $15.00 easy. And remember, I didn't bid to win, just to experiment. Imagine my surprise when I won the bid--for $3.25 plus $4.75 shipping! She's just such a sweetheart and loves to look out my bedroom window.

Anyway, those are my simple pleasures for today. Hope you enjoyed them!


jeanetta said...

oh i am sooo glad it all made it there. and so glad you love it. :)

tracy said...

Miss Jeanetta ~ frazzle is even cuter in person than on your site. I suspect I will be ordering one soon!