Sunday, May 13, 2007

mother's day

Happy Mother's Day! The greatest gift my children can give to me, is the gift of their time. As they grow up, move out, and have lives of their own, our time with them is now often limited. I no longer talk to my kids on a daily basis. I usually send a daily email, just to keep in touch, but we don't talk on the phone. I know they're busy. I know they have lots of friends that occupy their time. And work. And dogs. And other family members. It's called life. But that's how it should be; it's the natural progression of growing up.

But as a mother, our love hasn't diminished or the fact that we worry about whether they made it back from the bonfire at the end of the road, or whether they're managing okay, or how their cold is, or or or.... If I hear a siren, I worry that my son has been in an accident or if I see smoke, I hope it's not their place. Just because my kids are grown, doesn't mean I no longer worry about them.

But they have lives of their own now and I need to believe they are doing just fine. That if they have good news, they'll call; if they need a shoulder, they'll come by; if they neeed an ear, they'll call; if they need to raid the pantry, they will. I think my kids know I will always be there for them, during the good, the bad, and the ugly. And I know they will always be there for me as well.

Still.... I miss them. I miss that they are no longer living at home where I can cuddle them if need be, help them, love them. Mostly I just miss time with them. I love my kids. They are good kids; kind and compassionate. I am so very proud of them every single day of their lives.

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