Tuesday, May 8, 2007

red tuesday

I feel like I need to make up for blue Monday since I haven't posted anything yet. But I've been so busy at my job.... and I use that term lightly because working at a nursery is anything but a job. On the worst of all days, it's still the best place to work. Needless to say, I go when I'm not scheduled to work, because they need the help, and when I try to leave, it seems it takes two hours to get out of there. So today I'm tired. I know I should stay away on my off days but.... they need me....

I love oddball saucers--any shape, color, or size--and find them useful in many ways. IF I had posted on blue Monday, here's what I would have shown--blue dishes. There's a story behind the one on the bottom.... As a child, this was our dinnerware. My mom gave me what was left of it; I don't recall that it was much of a set of anything, but mostly sentimental. Eventually I had only a few pieces left and I gave them to the Salvation Army. One night we were at a friends for "happy hour," and she had served us on similar saucers. Tracy commented, "my mom used to have dishes just like that!" of which I replied, "but I took them to the Salvation Army...." Sherry (our hostess) exclaimed with excitement in her voice, "THAT'S WHERE I GOT THESE!!!!" Okay, all I'm going to say is my daughter was not a happy camper that I actually got rid of something without her getting first dibs and I've never ever been guilty of that since....

But Tracy takes our family heirlooms to heart. We don't have anything of great value, but if it's been handed down from family, it has value. I love her for that.

Okay, red Tuesday. I don't have a lot of red, but I love red as an accent. I wanted a red couch when we moved into our present home--one from Pottary Barn--but didn't have the courage to get it.... That would have been way out of my comfort zone! But I think I could pull it off now.... I am, after all, older and wiser, and really don't care so much about what other people might think.... But I don't have a red couch and my red accents are limited. These are little cheese spreaders. I love cheese spreaders; you can find them all year long; and are useful for so many different things. They're fun!

And this is an old jar with a real old (not newly painted) red lid. I love how it looks with marshmallows in it :)

And my lady. I'm sorry to say, I don't know anything about her but here's a closeup of her head. She's so precious; such a classic beauty with her delicate features. She's 12" tall. She's not porcelain; I'm not certain what she's made out of; and the material is a little pitted like it's soft. There aren't any markings of any kind on her. Here's what I know though.... When my mother was a young girl, she lived on a farm on Pete's Mt. in West Linn, Oregon. They didn't have a lot of money but one day she walked down the mountain (which had to be a couple miles), all the way to Oregon City (which had to be several more miles), with 15 cents in her hand. With this 15 cents she bought this beautiful lady. My mom entrusted her in my care many years ago and she's one of my most beloved treasures. I did find information on her on the Internet several years ago but have spent the last couple days trying to relocate the site, with no luck. I'm glad you enjoyed her. I have no plans on relocating her.... to Tracy's home.... for very long time. Like I said, this is one of my most valued treasures from my mom.

Hope you had a good day!

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Jerusalem said...

I love them all. I am the same way as Tracy about things being handed down. Things with a family history are the best. I love the blue plates too. My mom bought me some that are almost identical when I was a year old to put away for me until I got married. Now I have them in my kitchen!