Thursday, May 3, 2007

pink thursday

I told Jerusalem that I wanted to play her color of the day game.... but sadly my house isn't so full of color. I went around to take pictures of different things yesterday and it was a struggle to find anything but muted colors. You see, our house is more Alaskana mission style with collectibles thrown in. My house is very eclectic and everything goes well together, but it's not the cutesy artsy stuff of pink.

I can offer up this precious little dish. It's such a pale pink and clear to boot, that it was hard to get a good picture of it. It's from my mom and I don't know if you can tell but each handle is a swan head and then the wings form the bowl. I had this for 100 years before someone pointed out that it was swan.... I never realized.... Sadly, I don't use it often. I would imagine it's for nuts or little mint candies but since we're not such dainty people, it seems an overkill. But I do believe in using all my treasures rather than showcasing them. I'd rather use a family heirloom and enjoy it and risk the chance of breakage than keep it tucked safely away never to be used or enjoyed.

My mom made this little doll quilt when I was very young. I had it framed to preserve it. Peter, on the Clean Sweep, always said that if something had value, to bring it out in the open. You don't keep things tucked away in a drawer or a box if it's important to you. I've tried to do that over the years--framing for the purpose of preserving--but have so many more items to showcase.

I guess that's all the pink I have to to share today.... Tracy has such cute things on her site and Jerusalem and Jeanetta, that I'll try to do better tomorrow.

I just discovered Jeanetta's Etsy shopping site, Splendid Designs. So cute! And, of course, I always seem to find something I can't live without at Jerusalem's Storia Home. Or I should say, something I think Tracy can't live without.... Found some darling vintage aprons that she looks so cute in. Jeru's also collecting red hankies for me. Not certain what I'll do with them yet... but you have to love red hankies. They're so vintage and remind me of my grandma always having one tucked in her sleeve.

But for now, I must go outside and work! Our snow is gone (yea yea yea!) and the yards are raked and everything is looking fresh and clean. I made my list of projects for the summer and now must figure out how they're all going to get done.

Have a sunshiny one!


tracy said...

yes, I think I need everything at Jeru's store, & I LOVE Jeanetta's frazzle blue bird ~ aren't we all a bit frazzled at times? she is just too cute.

jeanetta said...

oh thanks so much nancey for all praise. you made my day in the midst of disobedient children and rushing to helpa husband get out teacher applications. it was nice to have someone rave over me. :)

Jerusalem said...

I love it all and I thank you all for such sweet words for me and Jeanetta! Y'all keep us going - our #1 fans! Also, I love mission even though I don't have any. It would be great to do a cabin in that style.