Saturday, April 28, 2007

more of my favorite things

I love collecting! And the best part about collecting is it can be any silly little thing or an extravagance. It can provide a memory of a romantic trip to Sedona, the great food of New Orleans, or maybe someone special you met in Mexico. It can fulfill the present and give you something to look forward to in the future. Collections are great! The problem is I'm running out of places to put more "memories."

And I really don't need to accumulate any more.... My first collection was house plants. Yes, house plants. We lived in a single wide trailer with over 50 plants. I was addicted to them! Every weekend each and every leaf of each and every plant would get tenderly washed, transplanted if need be, and treated gingerly. That was before kids.

Then I moved on to teddy bears and had well over 30 collector bears. Not the cheap kind. They filled a bay window. Now... sadly... they just take up room... and many have been sold in garage sales over the years. I did keep my favorites though and every year they put on their little red bows and come downstairs and share Christmas with us.
Here's some of my favorite collections:

Tea cups and saucers. Love love love them! Any with flowers will suit my fancy. These aren't vintage but bought over the years and brought out for special occasions--like Tracy's bridal shower. I don't know what I love the most--their daintiness, their flowers, or the fact that they portray something special.

Decorative plates. I love decorative plates especially with flowers on them. This is one of my most favorite of all times. It was my mom's.... and I was so excited to have been able to call it "mine" after she passed away. It's so beautiful and I will always treasure it.

Wall pockets. Tracy is actually collecting these for me. Those are the best kind of collections, when someone knows you and your tastes so well that they can start a perfect collection. At Christmas I put sprigs of cedar and holly in them.

These are just some of my favorite collections. And although I don't necessarily need any more, and I'm not actively adding to them, if the opportunity arose... and I found the perfect addition to one of my collections....
But I think it's time for a new collection... I'm thinking... something pink!

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Arlene said...

Love your collections! I too, have too many collections..but I can't help myself!