Wednesday, April 18, 2007

snow free zone

I love sunny days in Juneau! Yesterday was a gorgeous day and it even got into the mid-50's. Never mind that we still have all this snow on the ground, other places around town are snow-free with signs of real spring sprouting up everywhere. This picture is of our wetlands taken on our way into town. It will be covered when the tide comes in.

Mike and I went for a ride in the morning. It doesn't take long.... we don't have to go far.... We only have about 60 miles of road going from one end of town to the next and yesterday we drove about 10 of it. The END is never far in Juneau. Sometimes I remark (okay, whine!), "ohhhhh, I don't want to drive alllllll the way to Douglas!" My husband reminds me it's only a 15 minute drive....

Downtown is getting ready for the tourist season. Yesterday all you saw were construction and city workers busily getting streets and shops spruced up for the tourist season. In about two weeks the scene downtown will look a lot different. We'll have cruise ships tied up at the dock and hundreds of people milling in front of store windows, shopping, and filling their bags with tourist treasures. That could be scenario 1. Scenario 2 could be it's raining sideways and the winds are blowing and the tourists are in their rain ponchos huddled in front of shop doors wondering why they came to Juneau to begin with! Either way, our streets will be bustling and the red T-Shirt Shop bags will be everywhere!

After arriving home, our sweet dog, Kona, surprised us with a visit and spent the afternoon with us. Of course the only thing on Kona's agenda is playing ball, so with ball in mouth, outside we go. We were having a great time--Kona getting to the ball first and Sadie just happy as a clam to have company--totally unaware that Dixie Cup was sunbathing herself in the sunshine. Dixie lives behind us.... with Mercedes the Boxer. Dixie doesn't like Mercedes (Mercedes is just over a year old and too rambunctious) and somehow, some way, manages to scoot her fat little body under the 4" of cyclone fence and scuttles over to our yard. Actually we don't know why she prefers our yard.... but she's a daily visitor. And we let her visit.

This is Kona's version of making a snow angel. I laughed so hard watching her roll around in the snow. She was just having a hay day; happy to be alive and in our back yard running and playing.

These boots were not made for walking! I found them at our local thrift store a few years ago and think they're perfect just where they are, waiting patiently outside my front door for some hen and chicks.... something.... but it will be awhile yet before I can fill them as it's just not spring enough yet.

Meanwhile, life goes on. The snow too will melt and my flowers will bloom and life will be good. Today is a non-rainy day and is actually pretty nice out. I plan on continuing my spring cleaning and will work in the kitchen today. I found some treasures at the thrift store yesterday that I'm thrilled about but they need to be washed up before I can show them. So until tomorrow, have a sunshiny day filled with good things!


tracy said...

or as Adam calls them ~ Henson Chicks!!

tracy said...

ps ~ I think I may have a lamp that would be perfect on your dresser. It just needs a shade.