Thursday, April 19, 2007

eye spy

I wish there was something other than "snow" and "spring cleaning" to talk about but sadly.... there isn't. Normally this time of year I'd be outside getting my gardens in shape in anticipation of a great summer of gardening and landscaping. After a long winter my gardens are always in need of some special TLC not to mention the projects waiting in the wings. But since we're at least a month behind schedule I have no choice but to continue with my spring cleaning inside.

Yesterday was a good day. It was sunny and gorgeous outside and inside the kitchen was sparkling. I'm excited about the new uses found for my recent thrift store finds. This urn is now holding tea bags and another one is holding garlic. I'm thinking also lemons and limes for this summer.

But I have to say, all the while I was working.... it felt like someone was watching me.... It was eerie....

The biggest part of my day was spent polishing vintage silverware. Where does it come from and why do I have so much of it? The answer is simply.... because I'm a collector; I hate getting rid of things especially if it came from family. But over the years I've learned to downsize and it's time to downsize my silverware as well. We don't use it; it's just for looks and it does require polishing at least once a year. I'll keep my favorite pieces and see if the kids want the rest.

Today is another simply gorgeous day outside.... and here I am, inside.... But it'll feel good to get spring cleaning done.

Just wish I could shake the feeling that someone is watching me....

Have a sunshiny day!

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