Tuesday, April 17, 2007

favorite things

I'm sorry to say.... yesterday turned out to be somewhat of a bust as far as shopping for the things I needed/wanted for our bedroom.... It can be so frustrating shopping in this town with our limited resources. We have a Fred Meyers and that's it for home furnishings. Needless to say, we do a lot of on-line shopping or when we travel "south," we usually have an extra suitcase to fill with "must haves." We're getting a Walmart AND a Home Depot in June and I can hardly wait.

I was able to find this darling pink flowered pillow for our bed though. Fred Meyers had re-stocked the shelves overnight and now I wish I could buy them all. They're darling!

And I don't know if saying "scored" on the baskets is a good thing or not.... I was able to buy the last of the same style to put in the closet shelves.... but they were busted.... I bought them anyway because (1) you don't know IF they'll bring the same style in or (2) WHEN. So I bought them.... at a 10% discount. I'm just going to say they're "old," have been handed down for generations :)

But I wasn't able to find any 6" deep plastic bins for our seasonal clothes; didn't like the selection of rugs; and didn't see any cute little lamps that would work on my dresser. So my enthusiasm wavered a little by the end of the morning and I still have these items on my list and the bedroom still isn't done. But it looks better! I even opened the window for some.... ahhhhhh.... fresh air!

I was walking through Fred Meyers yesterday with Mike (my hubby) and oohing and aahing over all the cute little spring dresses perfect for a granddaughter.... of which I have none.... My kids are grown; Tracy is 31 and Bucky 23 with no grandkids in sight..... But that's okay, I've accepted that. At least I have these precious dogs to spoil.

Sadie is our sweetheart. We found her at the pound where she had just been dropped off during the night. They didn't have a name or any history for her. When we brought her home she was so fearful of everything in sight; every movement; every large object; every shiny thing; every dark object; every loud noise; everything made her cringe and cower.... It was so sad. I called her Sadie Sad Eyes because her eyes had the look of death in them. It was so disturbing to think that someone could be so mean to this sweet, precious little dog. But she's come a long ways since October and will even investigate these same dark, scary things on her own now with only a little hesitation. But don't say "boo!"

Porter is the newest member of the family and belongs to Tracy and Adam. He's just a pup (about six months old), and a mischievous one at that! The stories we could tell.... :) He particularly loves stalking Sadie and taking her chews away from her! Course, Sadie doesn't have the social skills to let him know this is not acceptable; she's just very weary of him for now. So Porter takes the chew away from her and drops it three feet away, Sadie retrieves it again, and the play starts all over again. We get some good laughs when Porter is around!

And Kona is Bucky and Michelle's dog. She's been with us for about five years and knows exactly which buttons to push to get a cookie or two or three. She has THE most intense eyes I've ever seen on a dog; her stares can will that ball into your hand over and over again!

I guess these are my grandkids for now and wonder how they would look with a cute little spring dress on....

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tracy said...

don't let Bucky hear you talking about putting a dress on Kona Marie!