Tuesday, December 21, 2010

a glitter week

A note to my sister. 

Hey, sis!  Hope you're having a great time in PA with the kids and grandkids.  We had a busy week here. 

It started with baking some of Mike's favorite cookies.  The kids like to refer to them as "pa's special" cookies.  And they are special.  I bet you can never guess what the secret ingredient is.... 

Ellis is the more exacting of the two.  She's very attentive to detail and will take her time to get the right amount of dough on the sheet.  Hunter, on the other hand, believes Bigger is Better.  Especially when it comes to cookies, so why not just drop it all on top of one another.  

Last week was also a huge glitter week.  When it comes to glitter, Hunter is the King hands down!  This kid lives to sprinkle glitter!  I made some "frames" out of popsicle sticks for the kids to paint and glitter.  They had so much fun.  Did I tell you Bucky stopped by this weekend and goes, "yea, thanks for the glitter."  Ha!  But I know Bucky was impressed with them.  He just has to be the "tough" dad.  I put a picture of Avery in one, that Hunter picked out.  And another one of Josh, Shodie, Ellis, Kona, and Hunter--the one of them all on top of each other on the stairs.  When Hunter saw that picture in the frame, his eyes just lit up!   
How could I not share that with his dad?  And, what's a little glitter anyway.... :O  I just wish I had taken some pictures of them.  They really were so very sparkling. 

Let's see....  it's been cold.  Really cold.  We still have lots of snow on the ground.  Frozen to the trees.  Everything is pretty right now.  Maybe we'll have a White Christmas.  Love you.  N.

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Georgia said...

Actually, we didn't get around to baking sugar cookies this year. There seemed to be a SHORTAGE of sugar. And eggs. And butter. Seems someone in Alaska had the market cornered on the ingredients for these sweet Christmas delicacies.

Merry Christmas to you and Mike.