Monday, February 9, 2009

just another day

Yes, just another snowy day in Juneau.... Let's see, my last post on Friday said "more snow." Then it rained over the weekend and our driveway was flooded. We've had so much snow and it's made an effective wall of compact snow and ice. The snow melt and rain just didn't have any place to go but been linger in our driveway where it was probably 6" deep in the lowest spots...

Then, more snow. We woke up to another 7" this morning and another 9" is expected by tonight. Will it never end????

During our rainy spell, it gave me time to read this book: Worthy's Town, a novel by Sharon Rolens. Beneath the quiet surface of life in Old Kane, Illinois, love, cruelty, murder and friendship drive the destinies of Worthy and Willa Giberson and their boy Cappy in this best-seller spanning 1925 to 1950. The novel is the story of a small town and its vanishing way of life as well as the story of the Gibersons. As they and their neighbors deal with an approaching world war that they naively believe will not touch them, they deal with more subtle wars already in their midst.

Anyway, it was pretty good. I'm cleaning out my bookcase and trying to read all the books that have been sitting there, just waiting for their turn. I love books. All kinds of books. But the time has come to downsize some, so I'm getting rid of probably half of them.... cookbooks, gardening books, novels, history books, series. I'll keep my favorites; those I seem to read over and over again. It wasn't an easy decision to make as I truly do find great comfort in my books. I suppose it takes me back to my grandma's place as she, too, had an extensive library. Her stairwell to the second floor was lined with shelves just filled with books. I'd spend hours sitting on the ledge, thumbing through them, and felt even more joy when we were allowed to "check" them out. So my goal this year is to read those books that are still waiting in the wings and to not buy any more until I have! Wish me luck!

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