Friday, February 13, 2009


This is my granddaughter, Ellis. Isn't she a cutie? She's 9 months already!

This is our bedroom window. And that bright light? Sunshine!

Disclaimer: No babies were harmed in this activity..... I don't think....

Okay, let me back up. Anyone who knows Juneau, knows we don't get a lot of sunny days. Juneau is, by nature, a dark and dreary place most of the time. But when the sun shines, it shines bright and it's gorgeous outside. As is evidenced by the bright light coming through the bedroom window.

Yesterday and today have been absolutely beautiful, sunny days. A bright blue sky. A few white clouds. The snow sparkling. It's beyond words. Okay, here's the setup: One baby, one window, blinds that are shut. Grandma has little Ellis in her arms as she goes to open the blinds. As the blind goes up, and the sunshine finds its way underneath the blind and peaks its sunny face into our bedroom, it's getting brighter. And brighter. AND BRIGHTER. The brighter it got, the more Ellis snuggled her little head into my shoulder. TA DA! Finally the blind has been lifted and little Ellis screams! "NO!!! WHAT IS THAT BRIGHT LIGHT???!!! MAKE IT GO AWAY!!!! IT HURTS!!!!" as she quickly snuggled her face into my neck. Afraid to look. Afraid of what else was to come. Poor little girl. She's been scarred for life. I'm sorry but I laughed so hard. Mostly because we've all felt that same horrific feeling, wondering what the hell is that??? as we shield our eyes from the hurt, the pain, the brightness. Anyway, maybe you just had to be there....

We headed out early to do errands today. The "usual" stops--Costco, Walmart, Fred Meyers. I took this picture of the ravens outside Costco. I thought it was pretty funny. This isn't a large tree, actually quite small to have so many ravens sitting in it.

In my younger days, I used to throw out old bread products (bread, buns, crackers) but then it dawned on me a few weeks ago..... what if I saved it all and fed the birds with it. So that's what we do now on our day off. We take all our discarded bread products and go to a parking lot and distribute it to the Ravens, Seagulls, and Eagles. It's like the horror movie, the Birds! All of a sudden, dozens and dozens of these gigantic birds all descend on our car! Flying over us, landing on us, circling around us! It's a frenzy! We're fearful for our lives. For our own safety. So we quickly roll up the window and skedaddle out of there. Okay, when I say "we" "we" "we", I mean "me." My husband is an accomplish but only as the getaway driver! God, I'm so pathetic. I need a hobby. Or a new life. Oh, wait, I do. Facebook! Gotta go and see what's new there! Have a great evening!

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tracy said...

that IS funny about Ellis! I want to get a photo of her in the morning after I've turned the lights on her & she has to shield her face from the horror that is the light, but haven't been able to yet. It's a pretty funny sight, isn't it??