Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Decisions decisions

Is there such a thing as intervention for buying plates? If so, my husband would be inviting you all over to perform such an act! You see, I love dishes.... And it drives my husband crazy. He keeps telling me we're going to have to buy a bigger house, just to store all of them. Okay.... If that's what he wants.... Anything to make him happy.... See? That's the type of relationship we have. It's a good marriage. I buy and he lets me! :)

Okay, so all I usually buy is four cocktail plates. That way I can get enough to satisfy my love and need to have them, plus I can use them for salads, lunch plates, or desserts. Christmas plates are my favorite. Okay, let me re-phrase that. Christmas plates are my favorite.... at this time of year! We could have a Holiday party for at least 32 people and everyone would get their own dessert plate. Here's some of my favorites:
Charlie Brown Christmas trees are my tree of choice, so it's only natural I was attracted to this tree plate.

These bright and cheery red and white snowflake plates can be used all winter long and make a great plate for even Valentine's Day.

My daughter, Tracy, gave these to me a few years ago. Each plate has a different design and are so very cute.

This was the beginning for me.... I love these cup and saucers. They're Pfaltzgraff and were bought so many years ago. They're discontinued now otherwise I'd have a whole set of them.

I love these Holiday plates but especially because they can be used all winter. I start using them in mid-November for desserts.

These are probably my favorite because of their versatility. They truly could be used all year long, if I needed them to. In fact, I loved them so much, I bought probably 12 of them!

So do you see my husband's dillemma....? All he has to do is grab a plate when he wants to make a sandwich. I have to decide which ones to bring home!

Which is your favorite?


Jerusalem said...

oh i love those - especially the red and white snowflake ones!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

All of your plates are lovely! Of course you know I LOVE plates... but usually I look for vintage chipped, cracked plates so I can use them in my mosaics! Merry Christmas!

jeanetta said...

so hard to choose! i do like the tree ones and the snowflakes. i also like the pfaltzcraft.