Thursday, March 20, 2008

baby shower

Once upon a time, I went to the grocery store looking for The Country Almanac.... and came home with Tea Time... The reason I bought Tea Time was because of The Perfect Party article on page 30. Risa is a party planner; my secret dream job. Okay, so it's no longer a secret.... But I love to make every holiday, every family gathering, and every reason to celebrate, an event. It's all about the details. And I'll drive myself crazy, and I'm sure all those around me.... until I figure out the most perfect arrangement, the most perfect detail, the most perfect decorations, or the most perfect food! I'm not saying everything has to be perfect, but right.... It has to feel good.... It's like hanging a picture in the wrong spot. You can't just pound a nail in the wall and fling a picture on it; it has to be in the right spot. If it isn't, you pull the nail out, and re-pound it in half an inch to the left... until it's perfect, or right, pleasing to the eye. To do otherwise would bug the living daylights out of me. Imagine my delight when I found this magazine with colored pictures and ideas galore!

Here's my dilemma..... I'm planning my daughter's baby shower.... Originally it was going to be a couple's party so I went with an invitation and paper products that were pink and brown polka dots. I figured it was girly enough with the pink, yet masculine enough with the chocolate. I felt good about the invitation.

Then my daughter changed it from a couple's party to a girl's only party, and I'm not certain this is the theme I would have gone with had I known. It's not right in my mind.... I still love the cuteness of it, but it's not the pretty I had always envisioned my daughter's baby shower would be. You see, I've had it in my mind since May 10, 1999; I saw it in a Mary Englebreit's Home Companion magazine. A beautiful party, that just melts my heart... So I'm trying to change my direction midstream, and am having some difficulty doing so.

Here's a few of the details so far. It'll be an inside party since we're still in the middle of winter.... We expect between 15-25 girls. The shower will take place at 2:00 in the afternoon and the menu will consist of cocktail size croissants filled with chicken salad, a pasta salad with fresh garden vegetables, a fruit salad with poppy seed dressing, and miscellaneous items (subject to change, of course). Because most of my serving dishes have ravens, fish, whales, or some other theme on them, I've moved towards all white dishes. I'm hoping they will give some unity to the overall theme and that I can still squeeze in a pretty floral pink dish here and there. My colors will be pink, white, with a spot of chocolate here and there. Lots of flowers. I think it's important to have seating for all ladies, with a place to put their food plate, so the small bistro tables will come inside and adorned with a pretty tablecloth and a baby food jar overflowing with flowers. I have looked far and wide for some beautiful tablecloths (just like the pictures in my head....), but just didn't have any luck.... It has frustrated and disappointed me more than I care to admit. I feel that I'm letting my daughter down, when in reality I know she will be pleased with whatever I do. So I guess I'm letting myself down.... This is the most important party I've ever thrown, and I just can't get the details "right" in my mind.

But the time has come to "let go." It's too late to do any more on-line shopping as items wouldn't get here in time. Now I'm looking for ways to "frill" the shower up a little so if you have any ideas, please let me know! I also know that in the end, this party will turn out just fine, regardless of how much I fret and worry over it. It's all just part of what I do and who I am!


Sweet Designs said...

Your baby shower plans sound lovely, I know when you are doing something for family it is even more stressfull to get things just right, but it really sounds like you have things pretty well thought out. Have you thought about the "thank you" favors to the young ladies attending? A really fun thing to do these days are a "Candy Bar" where you have the theme colors of candy in all kinds of glass containers, cups, raised clear dishes etc. They are provided with little bags to "bag up" their treats, and home they go, with a cute thank you favor.

Jerusalem said...

OK Miss Nancy, you need to tell me what kind of pretty table cloths you need and what other girlie items I can stuff into my luggage on the way up...Seriously, you know I can find anything down here!
We are going to make this a BEAUTIFUL shower! I am so ON it! xoxo

joey said...

The simple fact ... you are a lucky 'Granny' and the shower sounds delightful, Nancy. It's snowy here in Michigan (2-10 inches expected tonight). 'Happy Spring' ;)

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I don't know why you are fretting about this. Everything sounds wonderful! I really like the invitation!

Is there anything you want suggestions about? Have you checked other party sites? How about the Par-tea-planner, I've forgotten the exact name, her name is Risa and she is featured in the recent Tea Time magazine. She has some wonderful ideas. Write to me if you want her blog name.


tracy said...

well, I guess we're just a family full of guilt because I feel guilty that you don't get to throw the shower of your dreams. just know that yes, I will be pleased & thrilled with however the shower turns out and that I really appreciate everything you, Jerusalem & Tanya are doing for me :)

I still have the carafes (small & large) from the wedding if you need them for flowers or beverages.

Connie said...

Hi Nancy - I haven't been to visit your blog for awhile, so just wanted to say hello and that I LOVE your pink and brown themed shower items! And what could be more girly than polka dots? :-)
I love being Nana to my two year old girly girl!!