Wednesday, January 16, 2008

if truth be known

I've been so bad lately.... ignoring my blog friends.... But in my defense, here in Juneau it's winter and we go into hibernation mode! Seriously! It seems my stomach is so hungry for the first part of it (building up fat for the winter....) and then all I want to do is sleep the rest of it. Intent is at the top of the scale. I have very good intentions of getting winter projects done. Motivation, however, is right down at the bottom and actually getting anything completed is off the scale.... Yep, this is winter in Alaska! Course many people are busy skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing. There's never lacking anything to do if you're an outside-kinda-person. Of which I'm clearly not! I'm more content staying in the house where I don't have to exert any energy unless it's to reach for a chocolate truffle or the remote. Ha!

Not really, but it does make for a good excuse! Actually, I am so not an outdoors winter person. I don't ski; I don't enjoy traipsing around in knee-high snow. I will gladly look at it from inside. I do love shoveling snow and although it's snowed an awful lot this winter, it isn't really accumulating. It snows. Then it rains. Then it turns into a sheet of ice. Today it's raining.

Let's see, what have I been up to since my last post so very long ago.... Well, I'm busy planning a baby shower for my daughter, Tracy! This is surely a challenge for me as I've never planned a baby shower before. I've done my share of event planning for work, from fundraisers to wedding showers. But not only is this going to be a baby shower, but a couples party. I suppose this will make it easier because it'll just be a gathering of many family and friends and not as prim and proper that a baby shower might be. We'll have dogs and kids running all over the place! I've already put my order in for sunshine for April 5.... but if you all could also keep that date in your prayers for a sunshiny day, I'd greatly appreciate it! But because Juneau is rather restricted on the availability of most goods, most of my shopping will either have to be done over the internet or by the goodness of family and friends down south. Do you want to know what I've got planned so far? All I'm going to say is think pink and chocolate brown and polka dots....!

Little Hunter (my little grandbaby) is doing fine and growing like a weed! He's already almost six weeks old! The kids stopped by the other day and Hunter was actually awake and interacting the entire time. Usually he's sleeping. We had such a great time visiting and laughing; Hunter smiling from ear to ear. He just couldn't help smiling at his grandma and talking. What a precious little guy he is. And, now, I learn that Tracy is having a little girl. How lucky we are to have one of each to spoil. Oh, the fun I'm going to have! I'll probably have to return to work, just to afford having two grandbabies so close by!

I've been dreaming of somewhere sunny a lot lately. Winters in Juneau can do that to a person. It can be so dark and dreary with most days barely getting full light. It's only natural that I would be dreaming of somewhere sunny and warm. Sedona, Arizona, in fact. My husband and I had such a great time when we went there last June, and can hardly wait to return. The best part of our trip was waking up in the morning, grabbing a cup of coffee, and sitting on the front porch of our room, in our jammies, just enjoying the nice warm weather. Now THAT'S the way life should be! We don't have warm mornings like that here; not even in the summer time so it truly was a treat.

Winter in Juneau slows down quite a bit. Our hustling tourist town becomes a sleepy town. Life isn't as demanding. We don't feel as guilty by not staying busy. Summers in Juneau are rather frantic. Especially on a sunny day. There's so much to do and so little time to get it accomplished before it starts raining again. So it is nice to be able to sit and watch TV if you so desire. And.... if truth be known.... I like that part of winter.


tracy said...

Bucky came over with Hunter last night ~ that baby sure is getting chubby, isn't he! I held him while I sorted & paid bills (practicing my multi-tasking skills) until my arm got sore, then passed him onto Uncle Adam :)

LivingTheLife said...

So glad you are BACK! I've been wondering if my Alaskian friend had gone into hibernation. I know how tempting that HAS to be!

Congratulations on your beautiful new grandson Hunter...and I know you are so excited about welcoming a new grandaughter this summer...I am almost jealous...but I am really happy for you...what fun you will have.

Hey, if there is anything I can pick up for you here in the South...I'll be glad to and send it your way! I love shopping for wonderful baby things...check out my blog to see a little baby burp pad I made for a gift. You may need for me to make one of those for you!! Every stylish baby needs one!


jeanetta said...

ihave been shutting myself up inside from the chilly weather here and i know its not near what you guys get. uggg i would die! it make sme want to cry just thinking about it.
how great that you will get one of each in the grand kids dept. i will have to come up with some great baby things for tracy... ohh and of course grandma too. :)