Saturday, January 19, 2008

i love the smell....

I love the smell....

of fresh ground coffee.... especially when you have cobwebs in your eyes and your senses are still asleep.

of a newborn baby.... even a stinky little newborn baby smells sweet as a flower.

of wood smoke.... an open fire, family and friends gathered around, and you're trying to dodge the smoke..

of fresh baked cookies.... especially chocolate chip. I don't eat them though until they're cooled off as I don't like warm, soft cookies.

of my husband's deodorant.... what can I say. I love him so much and forever more, even after he's long gone, that smell will always bring me back to loving thoughts of him.

of lilacs and roses.... I must be anticipating spring!

of fresh cut herbs.... I especially like to brush them through my fingers so the smell lingers a little longer.

of home grown tomatoes, peppers, corn..... there's nothing sweeter.

of fresh sheets..... although I have to say that the Natural sheets we use don't have that same smell as other fabrics.

These are some of my favorite smells! What's your's?

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jeanetta said...

coffee is definately on the list. and curry ... mmmm ... curry.