Saturday, November 10, 2007

today I'm grateful for....

We went to a birthday dinner party last night for a friend of ours who turned 50. Why do we make such a big joke out of turning 50? We act like it's the end of the world. But in reality, it's a great age to be. Today I'm grateful for friends who are eligible to sign up for AARP!

I'm also grateful for four-legged animals that give us comfort and love; pets. The humane society called yesterday, checking up on our Sadie. We adopted her a year ago and they wanted to make sure things were going okay. I told her Sadie is still working hard at trying to overcome her issues, but we're patient with her and just love her to pieces. What is it about a dog that can provide such unconditional love regardless of whether or not we deserve it? I suspect she would have done anything for her previous owners as well, despite the fact it appears she was badly beaten. This was Sadie a year ago; about an hour after we brought her home. So happy to be with us, yet she didn't know us, didn't know what type of people we were. Bless the dogs that give us so much love and joy.

I'm especially most grateful for this time of year. My favorite season. Christmas! I love love love Christmas! My husband won't let me play music or decorate until after Thanksgiving though, so I'm grateful for tv commercials and stores that are already playing Christmas music so I can sing, or hum, along. My husband just shakes his head, knowing he has no control of this.

Today I'm also grateful for

beautiful skylines
a nice, warm room
a good book
hot cocoa
chocolate covered cherries

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LivingTheLife said...

WELL....I am thankful you guys rescued Sadie...and I am sure she is as sickens me to think anyone would beat or mistreat another living thing...and as you said, dogs love so unconditionally...they deserve to be treated the same! Ugh...and shame on her previous owners!

It is so funny how much your Sadie looks like our Maggie...they could be sisters...and believe me our Maggie has plenty of issues...and she's been loved and spoiled all her life...go figure...we just think she's "high maintenance"...but we LOVE her!

Thanks for sharing your doggie loving day care, too!