Thursday, November 8, 2007

things i'm grateful for today

Today I'm grateful for the fact that I don't work! Okay, so that might be rubbing it in a little for those of you who still have to go to a j.o.b. five days a week.... But I did work 30 years for the state of Alaska and now I get to enjoy life a little. But today I'm tired and if I did have to go to work, it would take everything I have to muster up the strength to do so.

We had a family dinner last night to celebrate Michelle's birthday. She's such a sweet girl and a perfect partner for my son. They became sweethearts right after graduation. I think my son was secretly in like with her during high school, but she always had other boyfriends. Michelle would bring her boyfriends over to the house but all we heard (through the thin room walls) was her and Bucky talking and laughing all night. She finally figured out that Bucky was more than just a good friend and now, six years later, they're still together and soon to become a family. I'm grateful that my son has Michelle in his life; someone he can laugh with, share with, and grow with. They both have their strengths, and their weaknesses, yet they compliment each other well.

Today I have another simple treat that you busy mothers can make with your children. I first had this a couple years ago at a memorial service for my neighbor's husband. Again, I was hesitant to try it.... it just didn't look good. But man oh man. You won't be able to eat just one!


The ingredients are simple:
pecans (whole halves)

Lay pretzels out on a cookie sheet. (I like putting them all in the same direction so when I put the nuts on, they can be placed in the same direction; it's "presentation"....). Place a Rolo in the middle of each pretzel. Place cookie sheet in a preheated 250 oven for five minutes (until Rolo is soft). Quickly place a whole pecan half in the center of each Rolo and gently press down through the soft Rolo. Let cool.

If you line the cookie sheet with parchment paper, the pretzels don't stick as bad and the cleanup is easier. Keep the turtles on the cookie sheet for a couple hours, until the Rolo has hardened. Then transfer to your container. Scrumptious!


jeanetta said...

omgosh i am sooo going to have to try that

joey said...

Lovely post ... yummy recipe.

I saw snow in your previous picture. We had a few flakes today but thankfully no accumulation. Leaves are STILL falling and much yardwork left to do. It's a strange autumn!