Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Lilac and Cabbage Rose

Disclosure: I hate to admit it, but I love to shop. I love to look at things, touch them, pick them up, oohhh and aaaahhhh over the selections, and, occasionally.... will purchase something. Okay, often.

Our first day in Sedona, we went uptown to wander through the shops. The first store we went into.... Talk of the Town.... I saw.... fell in love.... and bought these two darling fairies.

Please meet Lilac and Cabbage Rose, the newest addition to our home. Aren't they adorable? Lilac is about 18" tall and Cabbage Rose about 12". All body parts are wired to allow for a magical and fanciful pose!

I agonized for a good half hour on which one to buy. There were dozens of fairies hanging from fishing line off an upside down Christmas tree. The poor sales lady very patiently nipped one after another down so I could look at them, pose them, and finally decide which one I wanted. Actually, I couldn't decide which one; it was my husband that finally said, "get both of them!" (I think he was tired of my indecisiveness....)

So I did! These are no ordinary fairies but a limited edition from the Mark Roberts collection. Not that that makes any difference. I would have bought them from a thrift store had I seen them.

I wanted to show you a close up of their eyes and face.... they talk to you.... they stare at you and bore their souls into you.... I didn't intend on buying two of them.... I was forced to! They made me! They wanted to come home with me!

And they did.

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tracy said...

cute! it's good that Mike understands the need to sometimes "just buy them both!" :)