Saturday, July 7, 2007

I know this is two posts in one day but I forgot to write about it in my first one, and then decided it was too important to include in a tourist post.

We learned yesterday that our first grandbaby is going to be a boy! That Michelle and Bucky are five months pregnant already! That everything looks good; all the parts and pieces are there.

And today I learn that my daughter, Tracy, and her husband, Adam, are also trying to have a baby!

Life is good :)

P.S. For some reason today, I can't add titles to my posts. Are you having the same problems?


Connie said...

A boy....I am so happy for you. I just love being 'Nana'!

tracy said...

two thoughts:
first, I better start keeping up on my posts, because you write about all my ideas before I get a chance to & then I'm old news!

second, didn't I tell you already that Adam & I had decided to try for a baby? Maybe I just wasn't explicit enough when I told you? (it's a weird thing to verbalize)If not, sorry! I didn't mean for you to find out that way!!