Tuesday, June 28, 2011

projects waiting

Do you have problem getting your husband to do projects around the house?  Like painting?  I do.  Some times.  I can bring it up in a conversation many times over and still nothing.  I know plenty of women who would just take the bull by the horn and head to the paint store and get the paint and stirring stick and trays and anything else they need and do the job themselves.  My husband won't let me paint.  He knows how I would do it....  and he's right....  I'm a sloppy painter.  I wouldn't tape baseboards or trim or light fixtures.  I would paint right around it all.... 

Confession:  When I get to that point that I'm ready to paint myself.... all I have to say is:  "I think I'm going to paint the bathroom" and my husband will be on it it just like THAT!  Do I actually intend to paint myself?  No!  I just know my husband will realize at this point that I am dead serious about getting the job done and he will, at that point, get on board with me.  He's a good man. 

With that said, I am "allowed" to paint outside!  Where the spray paint can dissipate throughout the neighborhood and the paint on the blades of grass will get mowed.  Yes, here I am master!  Well, kinda sorta.  He still directs me, which is fine, because what do I know about the proper way of using a can of spray paint.... 

I have a couple projects this week.  Lawn chairs.  Those ugly, white, plastic lawn chairs that over time get stained and you dread having company sit in them.  So I decided to paint them.  A lime green.  Or the closest color I could find. 

I have to say that even spray painting is hard for me.  I end up with drips, and runs, and dark blotches.  So I sigh a heavy sigh of frustration, and my sweet man will take over and fix it all for me.  Does he know I plan it that way?  We do make a good team. 

Another project is this old chandelier I found at a garage sale for $5.00.  I painted one a few years ago, but it turned out so well, that I thought I'd do another one.  I bought white paint.... but am tempted to paint it a color much brighter! Say lime or light blue....?  

What do you think? 

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