Sunday, December 26, 2010

lump crab

Do you ever question your sanity?  Whether everything is really okay with you?  Mentally?  Or do you pass it off as just getting older....

We were getting ready to head to some friends the other night,for some holiday cheer.... I offered to bring an appetizer.  My first choice was going to be crab tarts but I didn't have any Dungeness in the freezer nor could I find any cracked Dungee at the supermarket.  You can buy canned crab off the shelf, but what's "lump crab"?  Seriously?  Is that the name of a type of crab--like Dungeness or King?  Maybe a combination of crab?  Anyhow, we opted against using a generic crab.

Plan B was to take some prawns over with a little cocktail sauce.  That would be festive, and who doesn't love to chomp into a nice, cold prawn? 

Unless it's a nice, cold, RAW prawn!  I don't know what I was thinking.  Mike offered to peel them while I got ready.  I told him to rinse them good, and I showed him how to then lay them on a triple layer of paper towel to dry them off good.  I'd even gone so far as to lay them on a platter, surrounding a dish of cocktail sauce.  It was all so nice and pretty.

Then it happened.  I grabbed one to take a bite and it was like I had been hit over the side of the head.  WHAT WAS I THINKING?!  How did I go from fresh frozen, in the freezer, to the platter?  When did I stop having the good sense to cook raw seafood??? 

Can you imagine how mortified I would have been had I taken that pretty little plate of tidbits to our friends for their gathering?  Really.  Seriously.  Can you???

This isn't the first thing that has had me questioning my mental state of mind.... but the worst. 

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Anonymous said...

Living with auto-immune disorders can be this tricky!! My mental cognitive thinking gets jumbled somedays. Such as putting dirty clothes in the dryer and drying them. OY. Hugs. Tammy