Friday, October 8, 2010

not too old

I went south last weekend to visit my sister and part of the itinerary was to attend the Tillamook Seafood Festival and visit with the aunts. It was the greatest time, and the best memories were made. We'd been planning this trip since July, but I was dragging my feet and almost didn't go. Then my sister shamed me into going, and I'm so grateful she did.

I've not really had an opportunity to spend much time with my aunts since living in Juneau so this visit was long overdue. We stayed up until wee hours visiting! Okay, 9 p.m.... But then was awake at the crack of dawn visiting again. Aunt Rosy served us her famous waffles with homemade strawberry freezer jam. When she brought the waffle iron out, I commented that it looked very old. She replied that it wasn't... it just browned after using it the first time.... Then she hesitated, and thoughtfully said, "it's not very old.... maybe 40 years...."

Yes, Aunt Rosy has probably never thrown a thing out in her life. Her home reflects the love she has for her daughter and the love others have for her. She showed me a package of old flash cubes.... Yes, flash cubes. The kind you used in the 60's, wondering if they still worked.... We laughed and told family stories. Then it was time to leave.

Two of my favorite people:I'll always hold this visit close to my heart as one of my favorites. Aunt Rosy is 91 and you just never know what life has in store for her. But she has been a good role model for all of us on how to take care of ourselves, how to eat healthy, get regular exercise, learn new things, live life. Have no regrets. Of all my favorite people.... she's right up there. I love her dearly.

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