Monday, October 11, 2010

a giveaway

No, I'm not having a giveaway.... But I know someone who is!  Check out my new friend, Tammy, at Stitching n Shipping.  She's having a special giveaway in honor of Pink Ribbon Month, dedicated to those who have been affected by breast cancer.  The giveaways are some lovely lovely sachets. 

While you're there, also check out Tammy's ebay site as she's donating 50% of every sale to the Susan G Komen for the CURE campaign.   Just don't bid on my items :)

What an inspiration she is. 


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Stitching n Shipping said...

Thank you so much for posting this to your blog. I'm thrilled to be helping as this is my 9th year donating 1/2 of all proceeds from my items. I love doing it to bring awareness. We all need to watch out for each other! Hugs. Tammy