Friday, September 10, 2010


Ring around the rosy, a pocket full of posies....

Isn't she just adorable? This is one of the few family heirlooms my husband has in his possession. His is a difficult situation--a blended family after they were adults. His dad re-married a wonderful lady (Gracie) after their mom died, but she has two kids. When his dad died, Gracie's family quickly moved her out of state. This first move, they tossed or gave away everything they didn't think she needed.... Or maybe it was just those items that belonged to Mike's side of the family that wasn't needed.... After Gracie moved, she still had a few items that belonged to Mike's side of the family.

Recently, Gracie's family moved her into an assisted living home, and has since had a garage sale and pretty much given away all her other belongings. With no regard to Mike or his brother or what belonged to their side of the family. It was just given away, tossed aside as if it had no history, no family value.

It's heartbreaking when blended families can't acknowledge the other side. There was no regard for Mike or David or their family heirlooms. All Mike wanted was a vintage Red Riding Hood cookie jar that he cherished. It was his grandmothers. It had memories. But his step-sister decided she wanted, or needed, it more....

So Mike got this posy girl. Sadly, it means nothing to him. It's nothing he wanted. Nothing he remembers. Nothing that brings back fond memories. But it's all he got.

Personally, I think she's adorable and love it. I tried researching her on-line, but couldn't find anything about her. All we know is Mike's uncle purchased her in Italy. There's one word engraved on the underside--Delfino. She's about 15" high. Maybe one day I'll find some history about her.

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