Saturday, August 28, 2010

flour child

I love cooking with my grandkids. The biggest problem I find is that both Hunter AND Ellis want to help. At the same time. Last time we tried this, they were both on the step stool, one got pushed by the other, and Hunter went falling straight backwards to the hardwood floors. From standing on a step stool, two steps high. The thud was horrible. He cried for 20 minutes. It was more than I could handle.

Now, only one grandchild can help at a time.
Last week Ellis and I made banana pancakes for breakfast. She was standing on the step stool, waiting for directions.

Or so I thought....

It would appear that while I was getting the pan hot on the stove, she was thinking Krustez was pretty good to eat.

By the time I turned back around, here was Ellis, covered in Krustez mix and ready to put another handful into her mouth.

Keep in mind, it was just Krustez at this point. Dry flour. No liquid.

You would have thought one handful would have been enough for this little girl, but she grabbed another handful and stuffed it into her mouth. Just a handful of dry powder....

As the saliva mixed with the flour, we had a gooey, gummy mess. But she didn't seem to mind. She just kept eating Krustez.

Later.... Nancy

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Jerusalem said...

adorable. reminds me of tracy and i making cookie dough in her bedroom late at night at the old house...