Monday, October 5, 2009

being spontaneous

My hubby and I love to experience the greatness that is Alaska. The trails. The glaciers. The rivers. The fishing. Okay, so that's partially a true statement. We love to experience it from the car!
We go for a lot of rides. Every week we go in a different direction. Then on the third week, we start over again....

Juneau doesn't have a lot of roads. We're land locked, meaning the only way you can get in or out of the area is by boat, ferry, or plane. There are no roads to take us from Juneau.

Some times it's hard to live such a limited and confined life. There are those days that you wake up and want nothing more than to pack a picnic lunch and head down the road; just keep driving until you're ready to return. Or explore a different area or attraction. We don't have that option.
Being spontaneous takes on a whole different meaning living here. It all pretty much requires advanced planning and a ferry or airline ticket. So much for being spontaneous. Oh, you could wake up in the early morning and decide to go to Seattle for the weekend. That would definitely be spontaneous! But you'd have to be out of your friggin mind to do it! Or rich.

You see, Juneau has only one airline that comes into town. Alaska Airlines. And since they're our only form of commercial transportation, they can pretty much charge us whatever they want. So when people in the Lower 48 are experiencing price wars and low prices, we are not. When people down south decide to travel at the last minute, chances are good you will be able to find a very cheap fare because the airlines want to fill seats. Not so here. As your travel date grows closer and closer, the price of the ticket will go up. If I wanted to fly to Seattle tomorrow or within the next few days, it would cost me well over $1,000 to get there versus the normal fare of $600. We pray that there won't be any deaths in the family without advance warning!

We do enjoy the beauty that is Alaska, from the roadside, from our car. It works for us. Our longest road is about 60 miles from one end to the other. It's a gorgeous drive. Along the mountains, through the groves of trees, along the water. There are many islands between us and the open ocean but we'll see boats of all sizes out fishing. Maybe a cruise ship or a ferry on their way North. Kayakers. Maybe a whale breaching. Or sea lions. I love when the dolphins (or is it porpoise?) follow us along the road.

Yes, Juneau has a lot to offer. So much beauty and we enjoy it every week.

And there's always something new to see at the glacier whether it be eagles and bear or icebergs in the lake from calving.

As winter approaches and the lake freezes, this area will become a playground for all ages. You'll see cross country skiers, sledders, hikers. People bundled up in their cold weather gear, holding a steaming hot cup of cocoa in their hands.

And the best part? You can experience it all from the warmth of your car!

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