Thursday, August 6, 2009

we're busy busy

We've been busy around here this summer. Record temps! Record days of sun! Record non-rainy days! Wow! We've hardly had any rain this summer, just incredible incredible sunshine. You can't imagine how hard Juneauites work and play when it's sunny and nice out. We work hard and play hard because one just never knows when the weather will change for the worse. Which is most of the time.

Mike finished putting the patio back together. We had it torn out when the excavator leveled our back yard. Next year he wants to put pavers in rather than flat rocks because flat rocks are just too hard to find in Juneau. So it's a little uneven and not perfect enough. Being a mason for 30 years, he'll get it right when we have more time. But it looks good for now.
We gave away our hot tub last year and had this big, empty spot on the deck we didn't know what to do with. Well, I know what I wanted... but hadn't won my hubby over yet.... But we're slowly making it into a little room for me that I can sit and drink my morning coffee and not get dripped on from rain. This year we cut down more trees and de-limbed many (topped them off) so we could get more sunshine and day light in our back yard and, now, we have this record warm summer and we're wishing for some shade! So we hung some cute bamboo blinds to ward off some of the hotter morning sun. We got the blinds put up yesterday as well. I had to replace an indoor/outdoor rug we had in our den, an area where the dogs go in and out with wet and muddy feet, so I took the old rug out and put it under the bistro table. With all my annuals and some herbs and vegies in pots.... I love it! Another project to check off the long list! I love finished projects!
And when my hubby isn't working on my "to do" list, he's helping me tend to grandbabies. Hunter is 20 months now (on the right) and Ellis just turned one in May. Two of the cutest (and smartest) little babies I've seen in a long time! :O
Me, what am I doing while my husband is working on my list.....? Much of the same--landscaping, working, babysitting, making special little areas in the yard where we can sit and just enjoy. This is one of my favorite areas:
We'll sit out here and have lunch some times, where we can look out over all our hard work. Maybe in a few weeks, we'll sit out here and hear the sound of a waterfall.... just part of my new water feature that is getting put in. There hasn't been enough progress though to put pictures. But soon. For now, I can enjoy the loveliness of my gardens.
Later. Nancy

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