Monday, August 17, 2009

a fall day

I think our summer is done.... It was certainly nice while it lasted. This was an incredible summer with weeks of sunny, dry weather. And temps into the high 80's! This is so not typical for Juneau where it rains all the time. Or so it seems.

Today was an incredibly stormy day. So much that I'm sitting here, in the late afternoon, sipping coffee. What a nice thing for a day like this. Some Baileys would have made it better, but I didn't feel like getting out of my chair to get it.

I was supposed to work outside all day today. Our yard is going to be part of the Master Gardener's Tour this year and I have lots to do yet to get it ready. Well, not really. It's in great shape. I just feel like I should be puttering out there, pulling every single weed that sticks its head in my direction. But it was just too nasty to be out there. I'd be fearful for my life! A branch might come flying in my direction! And the rain. Did I mention the rain.....? Lots of it. So I decided to make some zuchini bread instead. Oh, I did donn my rain gear and go out for an hour and a half while the bread was baking and it wasn't so bad once I got outside.

But I feel like today is the turning point from summer to fall. And what better way to "give in" than to light candles, turn on dim accent lights, and plug in the little twinkle lights (without the twinkle) that I have in various places of the house. NOW it really feels like fall! But it's one of those dark and dreary days and we need a little extra light to cheer us up.

Today is also my daughter, Tracy's, birthday. We're going to grill pizzas outside on the bbque. They are so so yummy! We'll let the men do it. They can take cover in the garage (partially out of the rain) while the pizzas bake and us ladies will wait inside in the nice, warm (and dry) house, waiting to be served upon. Yes, we will. And the men will. We have good men.

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