Thursday, July 2, 2009

bragging rights

I think I have the nicest looking compost bins! Never having grown hops before, I didn't know what to expect.... so I planted them along the split rail fence.... then learned the rails don't have enough substance for the aggressive vines to cling. So they grab on to the compost bins, driftwood, apple trees, and everything else that gets in their way!

I had this grand idea to re-locate them to some of my larger Spruce trees in the back yard. They've been de-limbed somewhat so we have these bare tree trunks that are just itching to have a vine climb them. I relocated one this year but got behind schedule so will need to move the rest this fall or next spring. They have some heavy duty root systems which is surprising for such a dainty vine. But this one seems to be quite happy in its new home and I can hardly wait to see it in its advanced growth stages.

I was greatly surprised this spring when I saw that my Lewisia survived our horrid winter. To begin with, I wasn't certain how hardy it would be for our winters and really wasn't expecting it to survive. And the fact that it was planted in a basket and left out all winter and still survived, just amazes me. There's no good reason why it should have survived, yet here it is, healthy and blooming! It's hard to tell from this picture, but it's a bright bright pink, almost fluorescent. That's a sedum growing with it. I love this combination and little accent to the garden.

I've never had much luck with Sweet Woodruff but may have found the perfect garden to plant it in. And it's taking over! Last summer I planted it in three different gardens and only one area survived. Why? They were all planted in the same soil conditions, within close proximity to each other, similar light conditions..... I feel good having had some success, so will try planting it in other gardens again this year. Then keep my fingers crossed. I think they're one of my favorite ground covers with their little green leaves and dainty white flowers.

I love setting flower pots on my moss-covered stumps. These are some pretty little violas.

I find it interesting how my likes and dislikes change from season to season; from month to month some times. A year ago, it would never have dawned on me that I would be buying and planting grass in my gardens! Especially grass that one might find out on the Wetlands! Yet, here's proof that I'm losing my mind in my older age! I actually have learned to love grass though and the wonderful accent they add to the gardens.
I love my garden and all its little rooms. I especially love the accents I have tucked in each one. I could spend hours outside, just admiring them, loving the peace and contentment they provide.

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