Tuesday, February 24, 2009

no babies were hurt....

Are you looking for a new Day Care Provider?
Look no further!

No Babies Were Hurt is Juneau's Premier Day Care Center.
We specialize in babies under 18 months.

We provide excellent care.
We're a grandma/grandpa team with 98 years of child care experience between us.

We study the ABCs, 1-2-3s, and Coloring101.

We teach the basics of cooking. With meal time, comes lessons on selecting heart healthy foods that you might find in the pantry, and eating etiquette.

All babies get a well-rounded meal. Unfortunately, they only get one meal each day due to the unfortunate state of the economy.

Play time is a huge part of the day when babies get to climb over the dogs, climb furniture, and master the stairs.
We also provide toys that encourage mental and hand/eye coordination.

We give music lessons to those musically inclined (for an additional fee) and reading lessons to those advanced one year olds.

We believe that fresh air is important to the well being of all children. Regardless of the temperatures outdoors.

Although we encourage the freedom of speech and movement, and encourage laughter and silliness, we pride ourselves in having "eyes in the back of our head" which allows us to stop inappropriate behavior before it begins.

If you would like your baby to part of this incredible environment, give us a call today.
We're experienced and affordable!


Georgia said...

OMG, this is so funny!

tracy said...

mom, that is hysterical!