Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas spirit

Christmas used to be my most favorite holiday of the year.... I looked forward to this time of year like a little child waiting for Santa.

A Christmas list of gift ideas would start to formulate in late October. Family and friends is given great consideration on the perfect gift(s) to give. This is not a task I take lightly.

A charity is considered, weighing pros and cons of each and every one. Collections start to accumulate for food drives and the homeless.

My collection of December magazines are brought out and each and every one is looked at, all the while drooling over what could easily become our home this season.

Special menus and recipes are considered. What better time to get together with friends and family and share good food.

Lists are started. Every aspect of Christmas is written down so as not to forget to do any single part of it.

I have dozens of Christmas novels that are read and re-read every season. Never mind I know how they all end, they make me happy.

The freezer is full of cookies, fudge, and Party Mix.

Every corner of the house will be decorated--including the bathroom and bedroom. Wherever your eye rests will reveal some kind of eye candy.

Christmas cards are written, with a short, personal note written in each one.

And all the while, Christmas music can be heard in the background.

So where is my Christmas spirit this year??? I feel more like Bah Humbug than Ho Ho Ho. In year's past there wasn't any single part that I didn't love with all my heart.
Minimal decorating has been done; slapped up like it doesn't matter. It was done out of obligation, not spirit.
The novels still sit, collecting dust.
Christmas magazines of year's past will sit for another year.
I suspect sugar cookies will be the only baking I do this year.
Christmas music has taken a back seat to other priorities.
We'll get a tree today.... I suppose....
Oh, and don't expect a Christmas card this year.... or if you do, it'll most likely just have "Merry Christmas" written in it.

See what I mean about having the Bah Humbug attitude this year? I even considered going south for Christmas so I didn't have to bother with any of this.

The Grinch has certainly stolen the Christmas Spirit....


tracy said...

this is the not the mom I'm used to. I'm worried about you. have the babies sucked the life & spirit right out of you?

Jerusalem said...

Oh I hope you can find some holiday spirit hidden somewhere - I know how much you truly love it all!