Thursday, November 13, 2008

seasons come and go....

but rain stays forever.... At least here in Southeast Alaska. Lordy lordy have we had our share of rain this summer. Most recently, 32 straight days of "precipitation." And here it is fall; technically, our rainy season. Still, fall is probably my favorite season, despite the forecast for rain rain and more rain.

Yes, I love fall. Especially my gardens this time of year. I used to think the key to a gorgeous garden was flowers in bloom all summer long. But over the years I have come to appreciate the silent beauties. The oranges, golds, yellows, and reds that only fall can produce. Now my gardens are planted with fall in mind and the burst of color that comes just before the dreariness of a long and dark winter. (Wentworth Viburnum and Tor Spirea in the front)

Fall brings with it a mystery of what's yet to come. There's nothing more exotic than morning dew that lays gingerly on the tree branches, looking like single droplets of swarvoski crystals. As the weather turns colder, our morning dew turns to frost crystals. And fog gently weaves in and out of our massive spruce trees, hovering as if slowly unveiling the day to come, letting just a hope of blue sky to peak through.

Yes, we welcome today with open arms, lapping in the beauty that fall brings. And tomorrow.... with winter just around the corner.... well.... let's just say tomorrow is another day. Nancy

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Georgia said...

I'm happy to see you back. I love reading your wonderful descriptions of life in Alaska, the changing of the seasons. you should be freelance writing for the newspaper or Alaska
magazine. In your spare time:~)

Does this mean my morning emails will be shorter now?